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Moore baseball player Dezmond Roach shares influences, motivation – Presented by plateLee

Role models can play a big role in the lives of everyone. They serve as someone to look up to and an example of what we want to become. Dezmond Roach is a student at Moore High School. And while he may look up to a number of different people, he says that the biggest influences are a part of his everyday life. 

“The people that have had the biggest impact on my life are definitely my parents and grandparents,” he stated. “They’re the hardest working and caring people I know. They not only influence me to be a better athlete but also a better person. They’ve shown me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and work hard enough.”

Roach is a sophomore and plays outfield for the Lion’s baseball team. He says that he is proud to be able to represent the school and community when he plays.

“It’s something I value very much,” Dezmond said. “I want to always be a good role model when I have Moore gear on or just in general. I feel proud to represent my school and my community everywhere.”

Becoming a successful athlete is something that takes a lot of time and effort, but Roach says that having a positive mentality is also key.

“A lot of hard work and dedication goes into reaching the goals you have,” he stated. “Having faith in yourself even at the lowest times of your sport is what keeps you going. Believing and trusting yourself will make you a more successful and confident player. Days you want to give up but you keep going are the days that will create a mentally strong athlete. Motivation is also important. My love for the sport keeps me motivated. I love this sport more than anything. Although my teammates and family motivate me even more, i do what i do not just for myself, but for them too.”

One of Dezmond’s teammates, JayShaun Skykes, is someone that Roach says helps him grow each day in practice. 

“JayShaun is an extremely talented player who, with just his actions, makes me want to become a better player. I love working against him and with him to improve myself for not only me but for my teammates as well.”

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